who we are


Kaptivate, based in Alexandria, Virginia, thrives on the collaborative spirit and the measurable pursuit of excellence inherent to athletics.  There's no athletic litmus test to be a part of our team but we do believe in the power of purpose: the secret sauce of championship teams.  We look for new team members and clients that share this perspective.  It is the application of this collective power to purpose that moves mountains.  

Our leadership team has broad experience in program managing ambitious marketing, research, and technology projects for public, commercial, and non-profit sector clients.  That experience has included the implementation of a complex student information system at DoD to organizing the first global system for philanthropic transactions for our Fortune 500 clientele.

Our approach is collaborative, consistent, and measureable. Applying  seasoned program management skills to our client's objective, we transform your  visions into game-changing realities. 

Who We Are is rooted in the values and experience of our Leadership.