Otto Orantes

Otto Orantes

Otto Orantes, Kaptivate's Vice President, draws on over 20 years of business development experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors, Otto provides seasoned counsel on sales strategy and customer relationship management.

He also has a strong track record in supporting organizations to improve their performance against mission objectives and in so doing, transform the communities where they do business.


Mr. Orantes also worked at Truist (formerly CreateHope) where he focused his efforts on working with his clients to understand that community investment is a necessary part of a successful and sustainable business plan. To that end, organizations such as the IMF, The Washington Post, Visa, Genentech, and ADP relied on Otto's counsel in developing and establishing their online workplace engagement programs.


His career also highlights a talent for identifying launching, and developing numerous strategic partnerships. Working with partners to establish new markets; expand the impact of their brand; target new constituents; and/or increase revenues, Otto brings a diversity of experience and resources to the task.