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Kaptivate LLC Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation in Corporate and Workplace Philanthropy





June 15, 2016


Alexandria, VA – Kaptivate celebrates its 15th year supporting corporate community engagement initiatives throughout the globe.  In June 2001, Ron Vassallo, Kaptivate’s President & CEO, entered the corporate and workplace philanthropy arena by helping United Way International redefine its donor and technology strategy.  Fifteen years later, Kaptivate, the company he founded, continues to introduce new efficiencies, transparency, and innovation to workplace philanthropy programs.  


Kaptivate’s seasoned management team has supported some the largest and most ambitious workplace giving programs in the world.  These corporate programs have included many of the leading Fortune 500 brands from American Express to Yum Brands. “We’re thrilled to have helped the transformation of workplace giving,” remarked Mr. Vassallo. He continued his comments by noting, “Kaptivate made our client brands stronger by empowering the generosity of over 1.6 million employees to transfer $1.6 billion in contributions each year to over 50,000 charities and causes. I can’t think of a more satisfying company accomplishment in the last 15 years.”


Although Kaptivate can point to many accomplishments in workplace giving, many of its most impactful contributions came through powerful innovations.  These innovations included the first global infrastructure for philanthropic giving; pioneering mobile giving apps; and publishing early benchmark research on non-profit adoption of mobile giving.  Otto Orantes, Kaptivate’s Senior Consultant, looked ahead when he noted, “We’re thrilled about our legacy but more excited about the future of employee-community engagement in both the private and public sector. We’ll make the donor experience so simple it becomes irresistible.”


Kaptivate is a management consulting firm that simplifies complex problems to energize workforce development and customer engagement.  We address process, technology, and management challenges by breaking them down to their core issues and conflicts. Move Mountains.