Introducing: The Solver's Edge™ Podcast!

Introducing: The Solver's Edge™ Podcast! Image

The Solver's Edge Podcast

As we expand our communications and marketing outreach services, we are thrilled to introduce The Solver's Edge™ podcast about open innovation best practices, and the people making it happen. Our Host, Iliriana Kacaniku and co-Executive Producer Mentor Dida explore Season 1 with the Why, How, and When open innovation matters.

Why open innovation? In a rapidly changing world, we face increasingly complex challenges. Old solutions become obsolete, and sources of the problem necessitate new solutions. The Covid-19 pandemic is a recent example but think about the energy, mobility, health, and climate change crisis as well. People are seeking innovative methods, ideas, products, and solutions—just Google "innovation" and you'll discover over 12 billion results!

As a method, open innovation invites, inspires, engages, and awards innovatorsanyone from anywhere! In 2011, Dr. Henry Chesbrough, a professor and Father of Open Innovation stated to Forbes that open innovation is "more distributed, more participatory, more decentralized...(and because) knowledge today is widely company, no matter how capable or how big, could innovate effectively on its own."

The Solver's Edge™ podcast aims to reveal what makes open innovation successful; those involved (the seekers, solvers, and enablers); and inspire listeners to design or solve the next best challenge, therefore driving positive impact within communities.

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