HCaTS 8(a) Pool 2

The Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) Program is the result of a partnership between the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the General Services Administration (GSA). HCaTS is comprised of three indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) governmentwide contract vehicles: HCaTS Unrestricted (HCaTS U), HCaTS Small Business (HCaTS SB), and HCaTS 8(a). Kaptivate participates in the the latter HCaTS 8(a) IDIQ and in Pool 2 focused on management consulting (541611), human resource consulting (541612), marketing consulting (541613), other management consulting (541618), and educational support services (611710). The size standard for Pool 2 is $16.5 million. These vehicles provide reliable, flexible, fast and efficient ways to obtain best-in-class, best value, customized solutions for human capital management and training requirements.

Why Use HCaTS?

  • Comprehensive, customized solution for human capital and training services
  • Best in Class! with Highly Technically Rated, Fair and Reasonable Pricing pools of contractors
  • Allows maximum flexibility for customers
  • Allows all contract types (including hybrid)
  • Allows commercial and/or non-commercial services for both CONUS and OCONUS
  • Allows ancillary services & other direct costs at the task order level
  • Maximizes small business utilization goals
  • Undertakes effective change management initiatives
  • Helps develop effective metrics to assess progress in carrying out human capital strategies

HCaTS SB and HCaTS 8(a) are 100 percent small business.  Also 8(a) competitive set-asides and direct awards can be done under HCaTS 8(a) with credit toward your 8(a) small business goals.


To contact Kaptivate's HCaTS  Program Managers, please email: 

[email protected] 

or call 888.527.8488 x701.