Client: Defense Acquisition University

Challenge: How does a "corporate university" for the defense acquisition workforce modernize myriad administrative systems, integrate 15 discrete datafeeds, build consensus for change among all of the military branches, and improve the student experience?   

Kaptivate's Contribution:  It all begins by breaking down a 1000 mile journey into manageable treks.  It also depends on translating an ambitious vision of the future into a set of value propositions that makes every step worthwhile.  Toward that end, Kaptivate designed and deployed multiple primary research initiatives to understand the pains and priorities for key stakeholder groups inculding the over 500,000 students that enroll at DAU courses. We used this feedback, along with analytics, to support the acquisition strategy and business process re-engineering effort.  We also led the effort to design and develop the user interface for a student information system aimed at simplifying and improving the user experience.  This activity included market testing concepts and testing the new platform through the full development cycle.  To ensure the success of this extensive program management effort, Kaptivate organized and designed a communications and change management campaign to secure stakeholder adoption of the deployed platform. 

Client Perspective: "Kaptivate provided us with the insight and trenchant analysis we needed to make critical decisons and then helped us communicate those decisions to sustain stakeholder engagement.  What sets Kaptivate apart is the organization's enthusiasm to contribute to overall project success and not just deliver task order deliverables."

Client: Veterans Affairs Learning University

Challenge: What can organization experiencing a challenging environment do to retain employee engagement and bolster workforce preparedness?

Kaptivate's Contribution:  Kaptivate teamed with Federal Management Partners to rebuild and enhance the [email protected] website for career and competency development. In this effort Kaptivate provided program management support and technical consult in migrating platform from MS SharePoint to Drupal and ASP.NET. Our team organized the framework for testing, performed testing, and analyzed test results. Kaptivate also triaged program issues for the next phase of development and coordinated multi-party discussions on prioritization and alignment with VA strategic objectives. 

Client Perspective: "It's great to have a partner that can deliver seasoned decision support when you don't have the luxury of time. Kaptivate delivered the SMEs, steady hands, and collaborative spirit to keep the ball rolling and meet our challenging milestones."

Client: Torpedo Factory Artist Association

Challenge: When confronted with an existential crisis, how does an organization keep control of its destiny and define a business plan for its iconic institution?

Kaptivate's Contribution:  Defining a way forward in the midst of organizational crisis requires more than a vision statement.  It takes determination, creativity, and the ability to communicate a compelling business plan to your stakeholders.  Kaptivate doesn't pretend to know more about our client context than our clients do.  We're just very good at challenging assumptions, facilitating internal debate, converting ideas into business opportunity, and communicating opportunity into actionable business plans.  Through an ambitious four month process, Kaptivate worked with the TFAA to understand its context and define a roadmap for the Torpedo Factory Art Center's longterm financial viability.

Client Perspective: "The development of our business plan required extensive research, collaboration, and debate. The TFAA would like to express its appreciation for Kaptivate's contribution to these activities as well as facilitating the process, challenging our team, and translating our passion into productive prose."