Defense Acquisition University


Performance Learning Model



Objective: To transform matriculation at the Defense Acquisition University, requiring Kaptivate to serve as a strategic partner across a full spectrum of communications and graphic media support.

Success: The extensive strategic planning succeeded in getting the conflicting agendas of all three components (Army, Navy, and Air Force) as well as the 4th Estate (DoD supporting agencies) to support the business case and define a strategic plan for this ambitious initiative. The inclusive planning and solicitation of input was pivotal in making the effort a success. and getting the project approved and funded. Moreover, the change management effort continued throughout the project's lifecycle was instrumental in building enterprise support and ultimately, user acceptance of the new processes and technologies.


  • strategic communications
  • project management
  • multimedia graphic design
  • digital asset design & management (web sites, social media, and SharePoint)
  • videography and integration into SharePoint (as well as other digital platforms)
  • visual aids for presentations, briefings (data visualization, infographics, interactive, Prezi)
  • digital content management (social media, intranets, enewsletters, newsletters)
  • document management, document printing, and version control
  • quality control


Global Stakeholder Engagement & Tech Adoption


Objective: This project demonstrates the ability to survey stakeholder engagement and technology adoption sentiment across a broad spectrum of Department of Defense's (DoD) global acquisition workforce. The survey solicited 500,000 students and 150,000 members of the defense acquisition workforce.

Success: Our team researched, recommended, and established the foundation for new leadership to re-engage stakeholders and reset the technology project.


  • arrange, conduct, and moderate focus groups across a global enterprise
  • perform one-on-one interviews with broad range of stakeholders from flag officers to foreign national students on every continent
  • AV record, transcribe, and translate content as deemed necessary
  • conduct analysis of the result and communicate these results to the enterprise


Employee and Stakeholder Engagement


Objective: This project demonstrates the ability to survey employee engagement sentiment across a broad spectrum of employees from senior executives to interns. Workforce mission impacted 500,00 students and 150,000 members of the defense acquisition workforce.

Success: Communicated results to client, made recommendations, and worked with the leadership team on organizational adjustments, leading the organization to commit to several key actions. These actions included improving internal communications through an array of vehicles including all staff town halls, better use of the intranet, and a commitment by project leaders to publish periodic blogs. Other key actions included increased visibility into project performance and its impact on organizational goals. In this instance, the organization committed to release information on quarterly management performance reviews to all staff.


  • conduct analysis of the results
  • benchmarking across other government agencies and enterprise departments
  • communicate these results to the enterprise
  • develop an after action plan for addressing the organizational issues impacting engagement