What Makes a “Kaptivating” Internship Experience? The Summer 2022 Intern Cohort is Here To Share

By: 2022 Intern, Sadie Aram

Our 2022 InternsEvery year, it seems like the job market gets more and more competitive and college students like me are constantly looking for ways to stand out in the professional world. The key to being a star candidate is gaining relevant experience through an internship – just ask the Kaptivate Summer 2022 Intern Cohort! As summer comes to an end, my fellow interns and I want to reflect on how our experience at Kaptivate prepared us for the next chapters of our careers.

What drew us to Kaptivate?

Every internship seeker looks for something different when thinking about how they can reach their career goals. While each intern in my cohort had different needs, Kaptivate’s internship program was enticing to all of us. From supporting business consulting to solving real-world data challenges to designing websites, there was truly a place for everyone. Along with expanding my skills, I was interested in working in an agency-style environment where I could do assignments for multiple accounts. Sarah Hendrickson, a rising junior at Virginia Tech, recalled her strong feelings as to why she chose Kaptivate:

“I chose Kaptivate because I felt inspired by the work they do, I loved the opportunity to work in marketing and media, and I always felt so excited after my interviews.”


The interns can all agree that we wanted to put the skills we learned in college to practice, and Kaptivate gave us room to do just that. Whether we studied design, data analytics, strategy, or business operations, there was a place for all of us to apply our coursework in a business environment.

What skills did we improve on during our internship?

When I asked the interns to recall what skills they built upon during their time at Kaptivate, many of us found that we improved our soft skills like communication, time management, prioritization, and leadership. Woods Floyd, a rising junior at Gettysburg College, spoke on the experiences that he found most valuable:

“The skills that stood out to me were team leading and research with Excel. As the project manager for the intern cohort, learning how to manage a team within the workspace was very insightful. Also, developing the sales pipelines for Kaptivate helped me drastically improve my use of Microsoft Excel.”


What was our favorite part about interning at Kaptivate?

Although every intern had their own unique experience, we all shared the same “number one”: the people! The expertise and supportiveness of the team was astounding. The inclusive culture allowed us to feel like a part of the team from day one. I was surrounded by people who were encouraging and helpful throughout my time at Kaptivate. We never skipped fun team-bonding events which quickly made me feel like a part of the group. Abhishek Suragani, a graduate student at American University recalled the valuable discussions he shared with other team members:


“This internship has given me an incredible opportunity to meet, converse with, and spend quality time with so many experienced individuals. I'd say the best part is having conversations on different challenges the company has solved with Andres Baquero (Chief Data Officer), Ron Vassallo (Chief Executive Officer) & Otto Orantes (Executive Vice President).”


What separates Kaptivate’s internship program from the rest?

My experience was far from the classic intern stereotype. I wasn't grabbing coffee or getting the mail; I was completing challenging projects every day. My intern cohort had the opportunity to work on a capstone project and a philanthropy project – completely led by us with some mentoring along the way. We were trusted to deliver high-quality work that will make an impact on Kaptivate's brand even after we conclude our internship.

Interns also praised the benefits of working in a small business. Maria Espinoza-Calvio, a rising Senior at George Mason University stated:


“It's a very intimate and comfortable environment to immerse yourself in compared to interning at larger companies.”


Woods added;

“I felt the small business experience would be best for me to get a more hands-on experience.”

What advice would we give to future interns?

If you’re searching for tips on how to make the most of your internship, look no further! My advice is to absorb as much information as you can while still having fun. Say yes to new things, but don't be afraid to say no when there's a lot on your plate. Abhishek recommends planning your time wisely and talking to experienced professionals whenever possible, Sarah suggests always asking questions, and Maria urges future interns to embrace their talents.


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