The Balance and Discipline of Effective Content Marketing

The Balance and Discipline of Effective Content Marketing Image
To keep your LinkedIn audience engaged in 2023, we recommend posting 2-5 times a week. Content marketing--especially video posts--is definitely on our watchlist.  That’s enough content to keep you on followers’ radars without becoming a nuisance.
Follow the social media 5:3:2 rule for every 10 postings:
  • Share 5 posts published by others. But do more than just share it - your followers want to hear your point of view also. Your voice can spur dialogue and engagement in the comments section.
  • Create 3 posts of original content. People will get an idea of the great work you do through creative, original content. Not to be confused with a sales pitch!
  • Contribute 2 posts of non-work related content. Is there a cause that your or your company supports and aligns with your mission? Let people know exactly who you are on a personal level or the values that matter to you.
To optimize the results of your posts, make them relevant to your brand and audience. Every social media channel is different so remember to test and analyze your results. This insight will enable adjustments to engage your audience with more effect. Above all, the quality of content matters more than frequency. Remember, they’re following you to hear what you have to say. Happy posting in 2023!