From Campus to Kaptivate: Sarah 2.0 Dishes on Internships, Classes, and the Value of Real World Experience

From Campus to Kaptivate: Sarah 2.0 Dishes on Internships, Classes, and the Value of Real World Experience Image

The key to jump-starting your career? Experience. As a college student, this journey begins as soon as you step foot on campus. Whether internships, externships, co-ops, or volunteer work, we are on the hunt to match our textbook knowledge with real-world experience. Although it can be a daunting process, I was determined to hit the ground running.

In 2022, I set out to find opportunities that would help me do just that, and I found Kaptivate. From application and interviews to case studies and accepting my position, I was challenged, encouraged, and inspired by the team. 

During my first summer, my philosophy was to absorb as much professional knowledge as possible; this meant gaining experience in anything I could, and asking a lot of questions. I developed my skills in digital marketing, client relations, and market research. I crafted crucial soft skills while working on professionalism and developing professional relationships. At the end of the summer, I gained valuable experience and left with a newfound passion for broadening my knowledge and portfolio. 

The curiosity and skills that stemmed from the internship translated into my coursework. In my first public relations class, I was able to easily grasp the concepts and successfully write mock proposals. In my marketing classes, I was able to think deeply about targeting audiences and effectively center my strategy and approach around reaching specific segment groups. And in all of my classes, I was more than equipped and confident to deal with any challenge that came my way. During this time, I was determined to discover more of my passions. I continued cultivating my love for consumer behavior and marketing while gaining a new appreciation for management, strategy, business development, and data analytics.

Coming into my second summer with new ambitions in 2023, I received nothing but support and excitement. My focus has shifted to incorporate my new interest: overall marketing strategy, business development, and a sprinkle of data analytics.I interacted with clients, and had the opportunity to lead small team tasks. In addition, I have been exposed to industry tools including Google Analytics, SproutSocial, Canva, and Adobe Creative Suite applications used in the daily operations of most marketing companies (which I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise).

As my internship wrapped-up, I can confidently say that because of this internship, I have grown more than I ever expected personally and professionally. Going into my senior year, I feel prepared and excited to expand my knowledge, further develop my professional skills, and eventually dive deeper into my career.