Power to Purpose: Using Data to Drive Digital Transformation at the Combined Federal Campaign

Power to Purpose: Using Data to Drive Digital Transformation at the Combined Federal Campaign Image
Data plays a crucial role in business decision-making, providing organizations with valuable insights to stay ahead. But data becomes even more powerful when shared with stakeholders and acted upon in real-time. Kaptivate's partnership with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the world's largest workplace-based fundraising program, exemplifies the transformative impact of data-driven decision-making.


With a decline in annual fundraising outcomes, the CFC embraced digital transformation and an online donation platform in 2017. Kaptivate, as the campaign outreach coordinator spanning 30 states, leveraged Salesforce to create a data analytics solution for real-time insights. Multiple dashboards were developed to provide comprehensive analytics on campaign performance to program stakeholders across the nation. These stakeholders included millions of federal and military workforce members and retirees.

The pilot program empowered zone governing boards with actionable information, including campaign performance overviews, crowdfunding transaction data, goal benchmarking, and geographical comparisons. This insight allowed campaign leadership to identify untapped areas and federal workforce segments for marketing efforts. With KPI visualizations and cross-sectional benchmarking, data analysis became an integral part of the CFC's ongoing transformation.

To further enhance stakeholder engagement, Kaptivate expanded analytics beyond leadership, making it accessible to campaign volunteers and charities. A tailored data analytics solution integrated a third-party Learning Management System (LMS), Salesforce Government Cloud, and Einstein Analytics. Campaign volunteers received comprehensive training and data experiences, while charities gained targeted insights to improve fundraising strategies. The CFC and its stakeholders benefited from comprehensive analytics guiding strategy, prioritization, and resource allocation.

The CFC's journey showcases the power of sharing data with stakeholders and making real-time pivots. It highlights data's role in driving informed decision-making, planning, and identifying areas for improvement. These actions effectively slowed the decline in donations during the CFC's digital transformation and increased program participation in various Kaptivate regional zones.

By empowering every key stakeholder with actionable insights, Kaptivate created a stakeholder-centric system that renewed the CFC's relevance. We’re proud to have blazed this trail and sustained the philanthropic spirit of the next generation of the federal workforce. We called this initiative Power to Purpose to highlight data’s strategic importance in driving transformative change.