Chatbot or Cheatbot?

Chatbot or Cheatbot? Image
It's the news story that keeps airing, and cleverly dubbed by The Today Show: "Chatbot or Cheatbot? Open AI's ChatGPT bot, and its underlying technology GPT-3, is taking the world by storm. Banned by some of the nation’s largest school districts and colleges, ChatGPT raises fears that the emerging technology will foster plagiarism and misinformation. Educators like Jenna Lyle, the deputy press secretary of the NYC Department of Education, worry the tool doesn't help “build critical-thinking skills." (To review her complete thoughts read the full story on the January 2023 Forbes article.)

Yet many businesses embrace its efficiencies. And these productivity gains present a compelling case. Open AI's platform can assist with content creation, create compelling ad copy, and reduce staff workloads. ChatGPT can automate A/B testing. Present it with the relevant data and it will project which content version will produce stronger outcomes. ChatGPT can also research any topic in its, up through 2021, datasets. It can then synthesize data findings from various sources through a form of reasoning. Despite some inaccuracies, the data structure and synthesis can deliver an astonishing result.


New AI technologies are transforming our world as we know it, whether we like it or not. Microsoft invested a cool $10B in Open AI's ChatGPT.  The investment will launch a new search engine arms race as AI reimagines search results. In short, this technology is here to stay.  It's a lively debate. What say you: Chatbot or Cheatbot? 

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