What to Watch in Communications 2023: Accessibility

What to Watch in Communications 2023: Accessibility Image
February 2023 is Low Vision Awareness Month. Yes, there is a holiday for everything these days. But they are actually great reminders of the topics that matter to so many. Digital accessibility is high on our 2023 communications watchlist. So, with that in mind, I’ll take this opportunity to share some best practices around web accessibility for users with low vision.
Diagram displaying different aspects of accessibility
Did you know? According to the WHO 1 in 6 people in the world experience significant disability. Visual impairments affect 20 million Americans or 8% of the country's population.
As a web designer with only a slight astigmatism I do my best to put myself in the shoes of someone with low vision. Here are four of my best practices:
  1. Use legible website fonts: size 14 (at least) and avoid overly stylized typefaces
  1. Contrast your colors: ensure proper color contrast ratios
  1. Avoid bad color combinations: avoid reds with greens
  1. Stay in the frame: avoid horizontal scrolling and check to ensure browser zoom keeps all content within the frame
I'm always thrilled to start a conversation on universal design and accessibility. And at Kaptivate, that's an easy task. Our focus on human-centered design has inspired me to deepen our corporate knowledge. That inspiration has led to a new year resolution: I'll be getting my Professional Certification in Accessibility Core Competencies. Stay tuned for more on the subject of accessibility!