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Alicia Hill

Marketing Manager

Alicia Hill

With 25 years’ experience in marketing and operations management, Alicia is focused on helping clients build scalable and resilient marketing operations. Her management philosophy can be distilled to a core belief: To optimize the customer experience, you need to empower the workforce to think and act on behalf of customers and each other. In her support of client campaigns, Alicia drives strategic campaign planning and management, as well as workforce instruction and engagement. She uses and disseminates marketing analytics to cultivate agile marketing operations and to measure alignment with regional objectives.

Those who rely on Alicia's marketing and communication acumen would tell you that her super powers don't lie in her deep experience but rather her extraordinary skills as a motivator and facilitator of workforce and volunteer teams. Her prior experience working for two Fortune 500 companies and in the nonprofit sector built Alicia's strong work ethic and drive for excellence. She has a can-do spirit that's fueled by her natural inclination to collaborate towards a goal...and have some fun along the way.


  • Zone Director, Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) in the Carolinas, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi Delta
  • Executive Director, CFC (Greater North Carolina)
  • Administrative Specialist, Marine Corps Community Services | Camp Lejeune
  • Administrative Specialist, Marine Corps Community Services | Okinawa, Japan
  • Manager, Yankee Candle & Walmart


  • Program Management
  • Operations
  • Human Capital Management
  • Budget Analysis, Forecasting & Planning
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Events Management